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Search Services

Patent search activity can be introduced into every step of creating a new product, starting with the initial idea generation of the idea, moving through the design phase up to the sale and post-sale of the product. It is estimated that over 80% of the technical information contained in patents is not published elsewhere, and that between 25% and 30% of research and development spending is wasted on duplicating work already done by others. In a context of strong competition, searching for patent information is therefore important to monitor the evolution in the state of the art of particular technologies, to monitor the activity of competitors, to evaluate the patentability of an invention or the possibility of creating a new product or even to verify possible cases of counterfeiting.

Companies that succeed in setting up a strategy for the management of assets deriving from Intellectual Property (IP), have the possibility to place themselves in a privileged position with respect to their competitors. The evaluation of IP, and with it the search for patent literature in general, should not be limited to activities related to the filing of a patent application but should be extended to the entire innovation process of a company.

80% of the technical information contained in patents is not published elsewhere

For searches we use specialized databases together with the tools offered by the European Patent Office (EPO). The details of the search, extent and depth of the analysis are defined according to the needs of the customer’s needs. If necessary, the customer will be contacted even after the search has started to optimize the strategy and the selection criteria.

The result of the survey will be summarized and commented in a structured report. The relevant documents are presented in tabular form and, where, it will be considered appropriate, important passages will be highlighted. Upon request, copies of the original documents that are not immediately available during the search, may be provided through a specific request to the dedicated national office.

We guarantee the maximum confidentiality on the search commissioned and performed as well as on the technical material received.


Bibliographic searches

– Assignee/Inventor
– Patent family and Legal status
– Monitoring services
– Alert – Technological monitoring
– Watch – Legal status monitoring

Subject searches

– State of the art
– Novelty/Patentability
– Validity/Infringement
– Freedom to operate (FTO)